Brett Baker

Brett Baker

Brett BakerCertified 10/08/2017

Brett Baker
CTO TetraMap

+61 493 823 733


I started contracting to TetraMap in 2017 with the initial brief of updating all digital platforms and also develop a new software as a service product (TetraPanel) that would allow their product to be used online for virtual learning and facilitator digital enablement.

Since then, I have overseen all aspects of our platform development and implementation and we work together as a TetraMap team, to define processes by working closely with the International Facilitator network.  This helps TetraMap by bringing their product to life in a digital format to enable facilitators and users to realise the benefits TetraMap offers.  I continue to help them navigate the online landscape and business challenges that are associated with offering 24/7 products & services across the globe.

TetraMap Facilitation

In order to be able to create these products it was imperative for me to understand the business and the users of TetraMap and as a result, I completed the training to be a Tetramap Facilitator. I have the pleasure of spending time with so many inspiring facilitators all over the globe, which has given me profound insights about the tool and the people.  I continue to learn and use TetraMap actively every day.

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