Bronwyn Anderson

Bronwyn Anderson


Bronwyn is a Registered Industrial Organisational Psychologist, experienced trainer and coach, and Managing Director of Change Dynamics Ltd. Her aim is to help organisations reach their full potential through developing a culture where the whole person can walk through the door to work each day and stay whole, resilient and high performing.

Bronwyn has been using the TetraMap for many years now with teams and whole organisations to enable them to understand one another better, reduce conflict, have a common language for working together, improve communication, and to use as a basis for planning. She uses it with academics, policy analysts, support staff, nurses, HR teams, aqnd leadership teams with equal success.

If you are wanting to develop or embed values in your organisation Bronwyn has frequently used the TetraMap as a base for this work. Helping teams and organisations develop and embed values is a specialty of hers.

Bronwyn uses the TetraMap in a fun way to facilitate and build teamwork, enhance communication in teams and organisations, and to give people an understanding of differences when working with conflict.

She has used the TetraMap in specific conflict resolution situations with great success, and in coaching.

Her work with the TetraMap has included senior management teams, librarians in a city council and a University, nurses and health professionals in a DHB and a private health organisation, in parts of Government Departments, with an HR team, and with academics and non-academics in many parts of a University.


TetraMap Facilitation

I have found that the TetraMap is the profiling tool that sticks best, i.e. people keep using it to deepen their understanding of themselves and others, improve communication,work more efectively with their customers, and contribute to teamwork with understanding rather than judgement . It is exciting to be able to offer clients a tool that is so effective and fun to use.

As one client in HR said;”What a great tool and a great find!. It is remarkably simple yet effective and is applicable to pretty much any situation you choose – one-to-one coaching, team building, meetings, change management, and many more”.

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Bronwyn Anderson
Change Dynamics Ltd
Certified 03/05/2004

Client Testimonial

The time spent with you was amazing. Bronwyn. I have identified the team that I want to work with is my kids. […] If I’d had access to understanding the type of person I am when I was younger, things would have been very much easier. My hope is that we’ll all be able to see each other differently and enhance our relationships.

A senior nurse

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