Carole Manship

Since becoming a certified facilitator, I have used TetraMap with a number of groups. It provides an extremely useful framework for discussions and to allow people to express themselves in a safe environment. I fully embrace the idea that TetraMap should be fun and the introductory exercises to get across the use of nature as a metaphor are always well received.

Here are a few examples of how it has been applied:

I used it just the other week with a group who had been introduced to TetraMap one year ago as part of a team building exercise. Last week, we used it to evaluate an away day and as ever, the TetraMap approach gave people the opportunity to say things that most likely would never come out otherwise.

With one client group, we used TetraMap successfully as the basis of a marketing exercise to step into the shoes of their customers and to re-design their processes for dealing with customers.

With another client, TetraMap was used to engage employee interest in end of year results. The company owners were disappointed that year after year, their staff did not show any interest or enthusiasm for this annual event. We used TetraMap as a vehicle for involving staff; the evening proved great fun and did get everyone asking questions. TetraMap also made it very clear why the situation existed – we basically had a room full of people whose main elements were water – they cared about each other and the customer but not the bottom line – and fire. The only person with a high score on earth was one of the owners.

I introduced TetraMap to the Heart of England’s Women in Management Group as a tool for improving communication and relationships. The following day, organiser Yvette Meneaud sent an email to me with a summary of the feedback. She wrote: “Thank you very much for a brilliant evening. It certainly was the fun you promised and, as you can see from the attached analysis, the ratings were high for you as a speaker, the topic and the evening overall.”

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