Chris Prees

Chris Prees

Chris Prees Certified: 09/02/2018

Empowering Positive Futures ltd.

Telephone: +447968142195

Chris is a member of the award-winning consultancy Curium Solutions, who specialise in empowering potential in individuals, teams and organisations. Chris can offer a unique approach to transforming mindset and performance through blending TetraMap core concepts with change management, business psychology and project management disciplines, helping clients transform their internal capability to deal with and deliver change.

Chris has a range of experience in industries such as Telecoms, IT infrastructure, financial services, legal, and has worked in the public, private and 3rd sector.

TetraMap facilitation

Whilst TetraMap sounds brilliant on paper, the real power of this transformational tool is fully evident during a live facilitated session. Through a simply yet effective process, in just a few hours delegates can massively increase their self-awareness, gaining a better understanding of what is driving their own and others behaviour. This then allows them to ‘flex’ their own behaviour to increase their chances of achieving a desired outcome.

Here at Curium we take the time to really understand the client’s challenges / needs / opportunities, which enables us to create unique experiences using TetraMap as a framework. Whilst the learnings are bespoke, it is guaranteed that any Curium workshop will be fun, informative, high paced, and ultimately accelerate behavioural change.

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