Corene Walker


Uplifter. Speaker. Entrepreneur. Coach | leading from inside out | teams + culture | healthy attitude | self-care | laughter + fun

Bringing out the best in people is where I love to be! As we move into a new generation of leading where emotional intelligence is to the fore, and bridging the gap between the Millennials and X-Gen, I’m excited to be a big part of this global movement.

Described as your greatest cheerleader, your healthiest disruptor, wise, courageous, vulnerable, brave, intuitive, passionate and gutsy ~ it is a daily pleasure to hold space for what is possible when it comes to empowering people to be exceptionally themselves. Whether you are leading from the front or behind, everyone is a leader.

I’m proud of our Crew at Coach Approach Leadership + Teams. We’re vision-mission and values driven leaders. We’re self-aware with high EQ. We are heart fuelled. We have fun. We work to our strengths and passions. We stay connected to ‘real’. We stay in touch with global trends. We’ve learned to love spending time outside our comfort zone because that’s where it all takes place. And we healthily disrupt with anyone and everyone. We walk the talk with game-changing!


TetraMap Facilitation

Our leadership + team development workshops are based around practical, powerful and high energy workshop sessions.

These always work your team’s strengths, garner more understanding of the people around us. Above all builds capability, trust, resilience, emotional intelligence and confidence in the workplace.

– Gets individuals working seamlessly as a team
– Improve team understanding and energy
– Increase self-awareness and confidence

Our reputation across New Zealand is unique and built on many years working alongside people and their businesses in: Agriculture – on farm, in factory, with suppliers and services, and rural professionals. Education – School Principals and their teacher-leader teams. Roading and Construction. Sport. Manufacturing. Service Providers. Entrepreneurs. The list goes on…