Corene Walker

Corene Walker

Certified: 05th August 2009

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With the wave of Millennials coming through, organisational culture is changing-up. The way we manage our organisations and the way we manage people is being challenged to shift to a healthier place. Deep inside we know more is possible. We long for soulful workplaces. We devour authentic cultures, and as a team | community we have passion and purpose.

Enter the TetraMap produce – The Nature of Conversations. As part of the 3-way collaboration with TetraMap and Leadscape Learning, I’m proud to be on the team to develop this. We recognise emotional intelligence when it’s present and how this needs to lead the way into powerful creativity and collaboration. Intellectualising our way into EI is not cutting it anymore.

Bring TetraMap into this fresh mix and it’s cracking the code, moving people away from a transactional way of doing and being in the workplace into transformational. It’s stepping us fully into who we are so we can make the biggest difference and resonate with our calling. It’s demanding we work, live and play on purpose and to our Why.

It’s about bridging gender diversity and leadership. Our world is now requiring us to know which TetraMap Nature needs to be at the fore at any given part of our conversations – flexing our natures from the inside – to bring out the best and for the collective good. It’s asking us all to step up into a place of LeadingEdge Leadership.

So here I am … your greatest cheerleader, your healthiest disruptor, wise, courageous, vulnerable, brave, intuitive, passionate and gutsy ~ and it’s a pleasure to empower people to be exceptionally themselves.

Our team is very excited about the introduction of the Teal philosophy and extension of TetraMap within our school. It creates many possibilities for self-management and individuals realising their own potential, free from the traditional structures of schooling systems.
Corene has laid the foundations over several years working with us around our team culture, becoming very clear and focused around our vision, values and team tactics. The understandings that underpin the team culture work; TetraMap, above and below the line, passive-aggressive-assertive, the drama triangle etc., alongside a coach approach sets the foundation for us to work in a completely different and sustainable way.
The energy from the staff lifted with the thought of being autonomous, truly working from the heart, being able to respond to the child that needs something different at that moment, a freedom from pre-determined plans and structures in favour of carefully co-constructed responses to meet children’s needs. It is exciting to think we can motivate teachers and students to be their best through this outstanding culture.
Linda Fraser – Principal, West Gore School

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