Dan Entwistle

Dan Entwistle – Master TetraMap Facilitator

Certified: 23rd January 2015

Curium Solutions US
3218 East Colonial Drive
Florida. 32803
407 777 5495


Dan is part of the Global TetraMap Distribution team, looking after the US region.

Having spent over a decade working with some of the biggest banks across Europe, he moved into the Consulting market, working with Curium Solutions.

He now heads up and leads their US office out of Orlando, Florida working with some of the biggest Fortune 500 companies in the marketplace.

TetraMap Facilitation

TetraMap is a differentiator. 

It helps clients and customers understand themselves and each other far greater than any other behavioral insights I have come across

We have had great exposure to seeing the benefits TetraMap can bring (in both our US and UK operations) 

At Curium we have taken the application of TetraMap to a much broader range of areas and have demonstrated how the model fits with our own top-tier Change Management methodology; Curium Way4Change™.

Working with Daniel has been an entirely positive experience. My preconceptions of consultancy had made me doubtful that it could really deliver what was needed, when it was needed and with the quality I expect from work. So I was delighted that together we delivered a complex, challenging, and ground-breaking piece of work, and without fuss or bother. The quick rapport, shared respect and combined expertise was a truly powerful combination – and gave me renewed faith in the art of the possible. Thank you!
A Halliday, Head of Education, UK

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