Daniel Seals

Daniel Seals


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Do you need someone with outstanding people skills, who is passionate about inspiring and promoting positive change, who is committed to helping others achieve that one goal?

As an L&D specialist, I provide exceptional services and effective solutions.

I have developed adequate and concise learning solutions for customer service in Telecomms along with various organizations. I have developed processes and methodologies which have resulted in significant increases in production capacity, particularly in Telecomms.

I have helped clients from Telecomms in organizing workshops that have transformed their working abilities and developed experiences which make learning easy and dare I say it fun.

I am passionate about learning techniques that I applied while creating an award-winning induction which exceeds past business goals. For example, I was required to ensure that each person I trained hit 80% development output but what I delivered was 94% due to my applied design and delivery strategies that ensured success.
I also designed and delivered system roll out across the business which has saved the company a significant amount of money due to less dependency on outsourced companies.

I am a people person and concerned about the future of young adults. I voluntarily created an employability program for Bolton Lads and girls club which allows young adults who have had a challenging upbringing to come to my program for 6 weeks and learn and apply various working and life skills.

WHAT MAKES ME EXCEPTIONALLY UNIQUE: One of my major attributes is that I think outside the box, I identify the barriers to success and remove them. I enhance existing ways of working and compliment them with tools and ideas which enable L&D to deliver excellence at every turn. I develop experiences which remove barriers and utilize the learners’ own strengths to improve the transfer of learning and reduce time-to-competence.

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Daniel Seals
Certified 14/10/2015