Dave Litherland

Dave Litherland


I have been a learning and development professional for a few years now and am currently learning and development manager for First Assistance, an amazing emergency response company.

I am responsible for a range of activities, from setting and implementing training strategy and creating a blended approach to organisational learning, through to the delivery of inspirational workshops to the business. Described by many as the “energiser bunny”, my biggest offering is in providing exceptionally good learning workshops where participants walk away really challenged, inspired, and ready to apply learned strategies into their everyday work and life.

TetraMap Facilitation

TetraMap embraces all the goodies that are very much a part of accelerated learning. Tapping into the different learning styles of individuals goes hand in hand with the philosophy of TetraMap in that we need to understand those different styles in order to work with them.

Our organisation focuses on a range of different services for a broad variety of clients and their customers. So TetraMap is a perfect tool to give our people insight into how to apply their understanding of behaviour to a range of people and situations.

Another appeal for me is TetraMap’s sense of New Zealandness. It is more aligned to how New Zealanders live and what they can relate to in a sensory way – i.e. the elements and all things green. It’s a much more natural way of understanding “the nature of behaviour”.

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Dave Litherland
First Assistance
Certified 29/09/2011

First Assistance
Level 1
Building B
602 Great South Road
Ellerslie, Auckland