David Moore

David Moore


Leadership is about getting results through people and my work is entirely focussed on improving the performance of leaders in business by helping them to get the best out of themselves and their teams.
Leadership is not restricted to those who occupy the corridors of power in large organisations but is also about individuals taking responsibility for their actions right across an organisation irrespective of size, so I work with individuals and teams at all levels to develop a range of leadership related capabilities from interpersonal skills, self awareness and confidence to presentations skills. In doing so I draw upon a wide range of personal skills and resources developed over 24 years of working in sales, marketing and leadership roles in a global corporate environment. In addition to my TetraMap certification I’m a trained teacher, a certified coach and NLP practitioner, all of which gives me a broad range of resources to draw on in helping leaders to lead more effectively in pursuit of their business goals.

EngageM are centrally based on the Staffordshire-Derbyshire border.


TetraMap Facilitation

TetraMap stands out from other personal and team profiling tools in its simplicity and focus on the reality of observable behaviours, avoiding the need for an understanding of complex psychological principles to interpret results.

As a certified TetraMap facilitator I see many applications where it can help my clients and their organisations to perform better. As a behavioural coach I am frequently asked to help with situations that result from a breakdown in communication between individuals or teams and using TetraMap helps to improve the understanding of human differences that can change barriers into enablers of better performance.

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David Moore
EngageM Ltd
Certified 30/10/2013

Client Testimonial

David recently introduced our Team Leaders to TetraMap as a means of examining our personal preferences, how they compare to others and where we can make changes to improve outcomes. Early feedback indicates that this workshop was highly motivating and has given the team leaders insight into how they can communicate more effectively across their teams.

Oliver Ragg
Co-Founder and Director, TopCashback
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