Denise Carter


With over 30 years of experience of leading and developing people, in a career ranging from an Army Officer to Group Learning and Development roles in some of the UK and NZ’s largest organisations, I have learnt that most people want to grow and perform at their best. Often they just don’t how to – that’s the business People Matter is in.

Pushing people and organisations in the right way, encouraging them to think clearly and to take action in ways they probably wouldn’t otherwise attempt is one of my key strengths. Making sure that whatever I do delivers a tangible return on investment is another.


  • Leadership Development strategies – from diagnosis to return on investment
  • Working with teams to improve effectiveness
  • Facilitation of groups to agreed outcomes in a positive and supportive environment
  • 1-1 coaching to achieve business outcomes
  • Customer Service improvement strategies and training

 TetraMap Facilitation

For some time I have been looking for a behavioural tool that I feel I can use with a wide range of very different clients and I have found it in TetraMap.

Simple, easy to use, fun, and allowing people to get into action quickly, TetraMap is just what we need in our busy and increasingly less socially focused working environments. The possibilities are endless to allow for better working relationships, improved team working, and a better understanding of what our customers (and employees) need from us.