Diane Bullock

Diane is a skilled and perceptive consultant and trainer who combines hands-on management experience with academic excellence to create meaningful learning and development solutions.

She has held various management roles. Diane has experience in organisational behaviour and processes and applies this knowledge to key organisational challenges, working in partnership with clients to develop and deliver interventions which help achieve organisational goals – especially in the areas of organisational and management development, customer service excellence and team development.

She has designed and delivered major programmes in the areas of organisational change, customer service excellence, and is a certified TetraMap Facilitator, which forms the basis for her extensive work in the areas of team development and coaching. She is a member of the CIPD.

Diane specialises in managing business change programmes involving major cultural shift. With over 20 years experience in a complex commercial organisation, Diane has led a large number of change programmes and has a deep understanding of communication approaches which gain people’s commitment to process changes. She is comfortable working across a wide-range of stakeholders – from Board Directors to all warehouse operatives. She has extensive experience of designing employee surveys, workshops and training interventions. She is particularly expert in designing and implementing change in customer-facing areas and building a team-working culture which ensures the highest standards of customer service.

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