Dorothea Melzer

Dorothea Melzer

Dorothea MelzerCertified 12/07/2023

Vemmer.Doil Coaching & Consulting

GmbH & Co. KG
(Berlin & Bielefeld, Germany)

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As a TetraMap facilitator, I aspire to bring the simple, yet profound TetraMap miracle to teams when I facilitate, train, consult, and coach. I have seen it work wonders for our diverse client base in Germany.

Dorothea TeachingMy goal: I want to establish Tetramap as a tool, an approach, and as an attitude towards (work) life for people engaged in next-generation leadership and a new form of organization and collaboration in small to midsize business organisations in Germany.

My approach: As a team coach, I take time to really empathize before I get a sense of what the team needs. My coaching and advising is informed by my experience, but even more on real understanding of my clients through a sincere interest in them. TetraMap is a wonderful way to easily look at this from all four perspectives.

My success: As a historian by training, I know the impact of the past on the present. In today’s world, I, even more, realize the necessity to sense the emerging future to support our clients, make decisions and step towards a better tomorrow.

Multiple job experiences, being fluid in German, Spanish, and English, being multicultural with years of living in different countries, and being a mother of a child discovering the world – all these things enrich and enlighten my work.


Coaching for teams, TetraMap and its application for new forms of organization and collaboration in Germany.

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