Dr Rinkoo Ghosh

Dr Rinkoo Ghosh


Rinkoo started her career as a Senior Book editor with a large government linked printing and publishing organization. She commissioned and edited a range of business titles, government publications (e.g., for Singapore Ministries and Statutory Boards etc) and designed/edited several travel guides (for Vietnam and Thailand market). In 1995 she joined the Singapore Civil Service College responsible for the design/development and training of a variety of programmes such as in English Language /Oral Communications, Public communications/Engagement, Management/Leadership Development and Public Policy for senior graduate level officers. Together with CSC teams, she also published key guide books for the entire public service such as the Public Consultation Toolkit Guide, Public Policy Guide Book and the “FAQs about the English Language” (which sold 12,000 copies at TIMES bookstores). By 2008 Rinkoo became a Principal Specialist in Learning and Development at CSC.

As a Principal Specialist, Rinkoo designed, developed and facilitated numerous core/career milestone programmes to help build capacity in the public service. Besides a number of Leadership Milestone programmes for Deputy Director level officers, Rinkoo was tasked to co-develop and facilitate The HR Leadership Programme (for HR Directors) and more recently the Finance Leadership Programme (FLP) for public sector CFOs.

Rinkoo is also a member of CSC’s Faculty – appointed to strengthen CSC’s core capabilities in curriculum, facilitation, and consultancy.

Rinkoo has travelled to countries like Macau, Ghana, Lao, Mauritius and Vietnam to share public sector best practices and facilitate on domain areas such as Human Resource Development(HRD), Public Admin Reforms( Principles of Governance), Leadership and Strategy Management.

TetraMap Facilitation
TetraMap was introduced to me in 2015 by Tetra Map Master Facilitator in Singapore, Raymond Yap. As I reflect on my personality and behaviours today I can see how my Elemental preference (Water) helps me to connect with others to achieve the outcomes and goals desired (be it facilitation or consultancy work). Elements (Earth/Fire) has helped me significantly too in my career to ensure I continue to share new possibilities and ideas with my organization to get the right things done at the right time. Tetra Map has offered me a new perspective to understanding self and life and is gradually internalizing within me.

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Dr Rinkoo Ghosh
Certified 21/10/2016