Dr. Susan Paynter

We specialize in building professional learning communities in schools by enhancing communication and the understanding of the importance of multiple perspectives. Supported by the TetraMap model, we help schools become dynamic organizations that promote student and teacher growth.

Dr. Paynter is a national consultant and author of Unchartered Waters, a book on innovative leadership. She has served for 28 years in the field of public education as the founding principal of an innovative small school, a district assistant superintendent for a blue ribbon district as well as a school improvement specialist supporting 70 schools under the auspices of Rutgers University. Dr. Paynter’s rich understanding of curriculum and instruction was honed during her 18 years as an award winning teacher. Her experience in the classroom includes teaching of the gifted, whole-school enrichment, regular and special education, and technology. Her graduate school teaching has focused on leadership, curriculum, organizational design and change.

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