Dr Yvonne Foster

Dr Yvonne Foster


As Director of Lotus Human Resource Consultancy, Yvonne’s career has gone from strength to strength over the years. With a proven track record of leading and facilitating training programs, Yvonne has held many posts as Operational Head for HR, HR Project Manager, and Head of Learning and Development.

In her 20+ years working as an HR Professional, she has delivered training programmes to a variety of organisations and people including local authority staff. She believes in interactive training delivery and prides herself on superb feedback received. Her areas of expertise include Human Resources, Leadership & Management, Performance Management, Bullying & Harassment, and Recruitment & Selection.

Yvonne has always worked in a consultant/facilitator role and as Head of Department for organisations such as London Boroughs of Tower Hamlets and Brent. She has also had significant roles with the Office for Standards in Education (OFSTED) and Training and Development Agency for Schools (TDA). Whilst working for LB Tower Hamlets, Yvonne Initiated and submitted a graduate internship programme which was short-listed for the National Training Awards, recognising excellence in company training programmes. The Council’s programme was highly commended for impacting and increasing team morale and an enhanced reputation for the programme.


TetraMap Facilitation

Yvonne is using TetraMap as a resource to encourage team leaders to have difficult conversations in scenarios where they are unable to see others’ perspective. ‘Why are you like that?’ is a non-threatening way to gain insight into the value of harnessing different perspectives to appreciate the different ways of seeing the world.

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Dr Yvonne Foster
Lotus Human Resource
Certified 23/01/2015

Client Testimonial

Yvonne’s input was exceptional in helping the school move forward. As a facilitator she was able to help the school recognise for itself the underlying issues that were blocking progress. Her clear, “no messing” approach made her an ideal role-model for a leadership team that was constantly being side-tracked by “fire-fighting” issues and not getting down to the business of actual change. Her excellent people skills enabled her to work positively and productively at all levels within the school – everyone looked forward to Yvonne’s next visit! However, most importantly, she enabled the school to move forward in a way that was right for us within our school ethos – it wasn’t a “bolt-on” initiative.

Gabriella Nieland
Headteacher, Sacred Heart School
United Kingdom

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