Emma Mauger

Emma Mauger

Certified:  1st December 2017

07781 117723


Growth consultant| Coach | Facilitator | Strategic Marketer | Communicator | People + Teams | Keeping it Fun | Facilitating Stronger Relationships

Uniting people, teams and companies to work together and achieve their ambitions is something I revel in. 

Whether the purpose is to get to know each other better, build connections, integrate teams or develop in leadership, the journey is as exciting as the outcome.

The arenas of sales, marketing and communications were where my career began and led me to board level experience. My fascination with human communication and people development propelled me towards coaching and facilitation work and on to founding Lucid in 2016 in Guernsey, Channel Islands.

Today, my world of consulting, coaching, training and facilitation happily places people at the front and centre of each day. 

I am very proud to be a Master Certified Facilitator of TetraMap and use it widely in my work. It’s a privilege to introduce its power to change behaviour within individuals, teams and across organisations. 

Building stronger relationships will create wide opportunities!

TetraMap Facilitation

TetraMap’s diversity to deliver change across a range of dynamics plus its ability to transport people to a creative space that encourages new thinking are the things that have made it stand out as a learning tool for me. TetraMap is creative, fun, action orientated, people based and systematic. I have seen substance in it for everyone.

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