Francis Petrini


As a Leadership and Management Development specialist I have worked with small medium sized businesses to global players. I have had the pleasure of developing people from all over the world with employees ranging from Managing Directors to frontline staff from different cultures. I have found Tetramap has been a simple but invaluable tool for improving communication and influencing positive behavioural change amongst groups and individuals. The four elements of Tetramap not only engages people but raises a deep and meaningful awareness of their own preferences and the positive impact they can have on others.

TetraMap Facilitation

It is an old and true maxim “a drop of honey catches more flies than a gallon of gall”.Tetramap is an invaluable tool that helps individuals and groups reduce conflict and generate better relationships with clients and colleagues. I particularly enjoy using TetraMap in new and creative ways to help groups leverage their diversity and improve the way they work together.

I have used TetraMap with clients who operate in varied leadership and management contexts and have found that it resonates with a wide array of individuals. I have seen very senior level executives get excited about how intuitive the approach is and how it can be used to help build high performance teams as well as stronger client relationships. Individual team members have gained tremendous insights into their relationships with others and become acutely aware of the negative and positive impact of their preferences.
I would welcome the opportunity to help you understand and apply TetraMap and to promote better understanding and communication in your organisation