Gary Lee

Gary Lee

Certified: 23rd November 2012

Grundfos Singapore
25 Jalan Tukang S(619264)

With regional exposure, I cater to a diverse audience of various age groups, size and cultures in the areas of brain based learning, NLP, Psychometrics, change management, innovation, leadership and team building. Through a variety of methods including experiential learning, activity based learning and case study methods, I am able to bring across learning points in a succinct interactive and fun way. 

Having been training for over 10 years about 8 hours a day, working with participants on a training platform has become 2nd nature. Constantly learning and relearning, I have learnt to utilize social media as part of my learning process.

TetraMap Facilitation

TetraMap is made up of 3S: Simple, Synergistic and Subtle. Using simple concepts to bring about complex ideas in an abstract way that people understand because it is all around them. Working with teams of various backgrounds and levels, TetraMap provides a fun, non-overwhelming way of understanding oneself in relation to how others are like too.

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