Georgina Pazzi

Georgina Pazzi

Georgina Pazzi

Certified 05/08/2009

Level 1, 84 Synnot Street
Werribee 3030


As an Educational Leader, Consultant, Motivational Speaker, Professional Learning Coach, Human Literacy Mentor, Rotarian, Business Woman, and Philanthropist I am passionate about making a positive difference to the learning and lives of many. We are living in a world that requires strong leadership and vision to enable those who work and live with us to see that life is great, powerful, and everything we want it to be if we know what to do, have a limitless belief system, and the courage and determination to ensure that we make all we dream of comes true. This is possible for each and every one of us. In my work I inspire young people, educators, schools, community organisations, and businesses to value who they are and maximise all they can be in everything they do.

TetraMap Facilitation

Discovering the power of TetraMap through the amazing Yoshimi and Jon Brett years ago at a conference, I was instantly drawn to this essential way of understanding ourselves and others and using it to improve our lives, our work, and our relationships. I am passionate about leading the way forward in education using TetraMap in leadership, in classrooms, and in our community. It would have to be one of the most powerful tools of living and learning that I have seen throughout my entire professional career. I look forward to seeing it grow and support many through my leadership.

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