Gina McDowell

Gina McDowell


After qualifying as an Engineer I spent many years in the corporate sector working with corporate teams and young people. In 2000 I moved into training and was facinated by the field of people and personal development.

My experiences led me to understand that it is not only the technical skills and hard knowledge that people need, there is a huge lack of understanding around the minefield that comes with having to deal and communicate with people at all levels and giving people and organisations the tools and techniques to develop, enhance and utilise these skills has become my passion.

This awareness can be imparted in many ways from individual and team programmes to incorporation of skills into training curriculums and personal development programmes.

The use of the outdoors also provides a powerful medium for imparting this learning and compliments the Tetramap model and it’s use of Nature as a metaphor.


TetraMap Facilitation

The simplicity of a model that can be used with people of all ages and from all sectors to make a profound difference to both our organisational performance and our own individual lifes.

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Gina McDowell
Certified 15/11/2012

The Old Stables
Castleton Rd
Hope Valley
S33 6RD