Helen Green

Helen Green


Helen believes in the power of human potential and her focus is on working with others to improve performance. She helps to develop people and organisations to be better and achieve more.

She has worked with clients in many sectors – Consumer Goods, NHS, Retail, Management Consulting, Advertising and Marketing Services, Conflict Management, Charity Sector, Catering Industry, IT industry, Education

Helen is an ex Director of a FTSE 250 organisation and is a Consultant and qualified Executive Coach and Team Coach.

She is a member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council and the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.

She has a Degree in Psychology, a Postgraduate Certificate in Executive and Business Coaching, a Certificate in Systemic Team Coaching and is a Certified TetraMap Facilitator.

This is how she can Orient8 you;
– Vision development and Strategy formulation – she uses tried and tested processes and approaches which really work to establish clear vision and objectives and the strategies which will deliver them
– Performance improvement – she works with you to understand what is working and can be built upon plus what is holding back optimal performance, then coaches you through the performance improvement cycle
– Leadership development – leaders are facing the most extraordinary challenges in the current economic climate and yet get little support in this key area. Helen provides simple processes, tools and techniques plus coaching support to assist leaders in this often lonely endeavour
– Team development – most teams operate at less than their true potential. Peter Senge, an expert in this field, sums it up perfectly ; “it is amazing how often you come across teams with an average intelligence of over 120, but the team functions at a collective intelligence of about 60”. Helen coaches teams to maximise their potential and reduce the typical interference which often undermines them
– Individual development – we could all be better than we often are. On a good day we feel like we can change the world, yet it usually seems a bit more difficult than that. Helen coaches individuals to be at their brilliant best more often.


TetraMap Facilitation

TetraMap is beautifully simple yet has hidden depth. Clients love the fact that it is fast to learn, very intuitive and easy to apply. It enables them to understand themselves, and also to see others, in a new light. This helps in situations where people need to work together to be effective – which is just about all situations in organisations!

It can be applied within teams to help unlock the potential of the team currently under performing due to behavioural interference.

It can be used by whole organisations or functions to shift behaviour and performance for the better creating new norms which can be sustained through having a common language for observable behaviours and approaches for working with them.

It can also be used extremely powerfully with clients, customers and suppliers. Getting to great outcomes by truly understanding how best to communicate has never been simpler.

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Helen Green
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Certified 05/07/2012

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