Helen Partington


Helen Partington

Certified 08/09/2010

50 Allum Street
Auckland 1071
027 533 5145

In 2001 I returned to NZ from the UK where I trained and supported call centres, debt collection, training and development and designed ‘best‘ practice for training with some of the largest UK banks and finance companies.

Since then I have worked independently and with Jan Alley & Associates with a wide range of clients delivering training, HR processes, and helping organisations develop their best assets – their people.

I have enjoyed working with a diverse range of clients who have a similar passion – helping individuals be the best they can in their roles to achieve personal and business goals.

My passion is about helping organisations develop their people and implement simple and effective Learning and Development tools that fit their culture and climate – effective processes that take out the hard work of developing and monitoring performance.

I have had extensive experience in training needs analysis, course design, delivery in large or small groups, and evaluation of the benefits of training.

Throughout this time it’s always been evident that even with the best processes, life is all about relationships, developing synergies, and enabling people to work productively together.

Then I discovered TetraMap!

TetraMap Facilitation

I worked with TetraMap for a number of years and loved it so much I became a Certified Facilitator in 2010.

TetraMap is an extremely easy, fun, and adaptable instrument to help individuals and teams understand the differences in why people behave the way do. One of the greatest advantages of TetraMap is that it provides people with easy-to-apply strategies on how to communicate with a diverse range of styles, benefiting work and personal relationships.

TetraMap is an exciting and memorable tool taking even the most difficult relationships from a standstill to communicating and working productively.

The most powerful feedback during TetraMap training is at that pivotal point when participants become self-aware and recognise ‘why they are the way they are’. It’s a real a-ha moment!

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