Jane Harvey

Jane Harvey

Jane HarveyCertified 31/08/2010

Innovative Thinking

Innovative Thinking



Jane Harvey is a seasoned therapeutic coach, change facilitator, and training & development professional, bringing over 15 years of expertise in designing and implementing impactful training initiatives to align with organizational goals and values.

Jane’s professional journey commenced in an unconventional field as an apprentice in Mechanical Engineering. Fuelled by an insatiable curiosity, she navigated through diverse roles including Project Management, IT support & management, and Head of the Operational Management team at a financial regulator.

Combining a foundation in coaching, counselling, and extensive personal study of human psychology & neuroscience, Jane possesses a profound understanding of human behaviour. She firmly believes, supported by ample anecdotal evidence, that true self-awareness and acceptance lead to increased self-esteem and confidence.

Driven by a passion for individual and team development, Jane employs simple yet powerful toolsets to enhance communication, improve team effectiveness, and boost engagement. She places a strong emphasis on understanding the strengths of each individual and how they contribute to the collective success of the team.


“Valuable for improving team communication & collaboration and getting to know wider team better.”

“Fab day! Many thanks”

“Really enjoyed it, very relaxed atmosphere. Presented very efficiently!”

“Good fun & I learned a lot about our team.”

“Very well presented, truly novel approach. All aspects of this course were greatly appreciated.”

“I can’t quite believe that we are only a month on since we came together, and so much has been agreed and moved forward. I can’t thank you enough for the session that you ran… It’s helped us be able to move forward fast and more importantly to recognise the different skills that we each bring.”

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