Jane Honeybourne

Over the past few years I have been enabling individuals, teams and organisations to learn, develop, change, grow and be successful. This usually involves different thinking and different behaviour. TetraMap supports this by providing a brain-friendly framework for viewing diversity and complexity. It is a simple tool with hidden depths. It engages staff quickly so that individuals, teams and organisations can get straight into vision, planning, change and sustainability

My background is in healthcare, where I still enjoy working on a consultancy basis. I am involved in the delivery of the Management Workshops and Community Challenges on the NHS Graduate Management Training Scheme (MTS) across the UK. I work closely with the general practices and the pharmaceutical industry

I have an MSc in Manager and Organisational Development, a Diploma in Performance Coaching and I am an Approved Tutor for the Institute of Leadership and Management. I am a member of the Chartered Management Institute and a Fellow of the Institute of Training and Occupational Learning.

Further information can be obtained from admin@westburytraining.co.uk or www.westburytraining.co.uk

Telephone 0121 705 1506 or 07802 707075

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