Jansen Chua Kim Guan

Jansen Chua Kim Guan


Leadership Growth Facilitator I Career Growth Coach

Jansen’s forte lies in his ability to connect with people. The ability to connect, understand, and shift the mindsets in employees are considered valuable competencies an organisation’s leader must have to attract, engage, and retain the best people.

As a Certified TetraMap Facilitator, he guides people in building awareness of their own preferences and then relating to others’ preferences. As a Certified Talent Analyst, he provides client advisory services in talent development. As a Certified Career Transition and Development Coach, he facilitates the career aspirations of his clients.

His areas of focus are leadership development, training, career transition, and development and coaching.

In growing his passion, he chairs the Facilitation, Special Interest Group, Adult Education Network in the Institute for Adult Learning, Singapore


TetraMap Facilitation

The power of TetraMap lies in the use of metaphors on the four Elements in nature, namely Earth, Air, Water, and Fire. We experience metaphors in our daily walks of life; we appreciate them in songs, poems, stories, and even in our daily conversations. Hence it is easy to relate, recall, and apply to ourselves and in improving our relationships with others, whether at work, socially or at home.

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Jansen Chua Kim Guan
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Certified 24/03/2015

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