Jedidiah Alex Koh

Jedidiah Alex Koh


Jedidiah is a Motivational Speaker, Results Coach, Vocal Specialist and a certified therapist. 

He believes that every individual has a unique purpose, a life destiny and they can experience the quality of life they desire today. Change your beliefs, change your life. 

He is passionate about improving the quality of people’s lives. It has been his life mission to develop leaders that are grounded in values with strong foresight to lead their team to achieve real results. 

Having studied many industries and businesses, and the global trends, through innovative and structured approach, he helps clients to achieve results and lasting change. He is also a VoiceMastery™ coach, a system to unlock confidence and vocal influence. As a Results Coach he helps unlock the true potential of the individual to achieve peak performance. 

Jedidiah is a certified therapist, certified facilitator of LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method and materials. He is also a Certified TetraMap® Facilitator. He holds an Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment (ACTA). He also holds the Estill Voice Training™: Certificate of Figure Proficiency.

TetraMap Facilitation

TetraMap’s flexible methodology can be used in behavioural improvement, strategic planning, team development, and customer engagement. 

It is a simple yet profound model that brings to light key aspects of a person’s behavior preference and through it, helps him/her to understand who he/she is and appreciate the cultures, environment that he/she is in. 

TetraMap first creates the Awareness for the individual, then the individual begins to Accept his behavioural preferences and that of others and through that process begin to Adopt the various elements for various situations. The great thing about TetraMap it doesn’t box you in or stereotype you. It is about allowing you to understand yourself better and we all have the 4 elements. 

TetraMap helps add value to my clients by Team’s Performance, enhance leadership capabilities, develop self-awareness and finding solutions.

A good TetraMap facilitator will help you achieve tangible results for your business, relationships and personal life. 

Contact me today to find out more about how TetraMap can help you achieve your goals, create lasting change and set you on a pathway of greatness.

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Jedidiah Alex Koh
ElemiumV Pte Ltd
Certified 17/03/2017

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