Jill Dann

Jill’s works on practical issues as a coach and facilitator with Board and MD leadership teams who require extensive experience in Change/ Transformation interventions and clarification of their strategy.
Brought in to identify and resolve root cause issues, Jill has worked one-to-one, coaching leaders and working with groups on the impact of change (Board and MD leadership teams, sales teams) who are leading significant transformations, mergers and acquisitions.
A number of partners and owners of successful consultancies have been coached by Jill prior to sale or merger.
This work has often cascaded into coaching programme and project managers on specific stages and aspects of priority change initiatives; often delivered pragmatically using new Web 2.0 technologies due to a mobile workforce. For example, Jill coached the staff of a major Japanese electronics company and those from a European bank from all over Europe following a series of events held abroad.

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