Joyce Palevitz

Joyce Palevitz


I have worked as a management consultant for over twenty-five years. My areas of expertise include leadership development and executive coaching, executive communication skills, team building and offsites and business-to-business relationship management.

Most recently, I was a partner in a global consultancy that specializes in leadership, interpersonal skill development and change management. My responsibilities there included leading client teams to develop and deliver projects to corporate clients, as well as co-managing the North America business unit. Prior to that, I consulted independently, across various industries in the U.S.

I bring to my work a deep understanding of human performance technology, and consult with clients on how they can best achieve business results by creating superior performers in leadership and management roles. I also have extensive instructional design expertise and focus on ensuring that workshop and offsite solutions provide participants with business-specific, practical experiences that they can use immediately in performing their professional responsibilities.


TetraMap Facilitation

TetraMap is a wonderful approach that helps individuals and groups reduce conflict and generate better decision-making. I particularly enjoy using TetraMap in new and creative ways to help groups leverage their diversity and improve the ways that they work together.

I have used TetraMap across a range of management levels and styles and have found that it resonates with a wide array of individuals. I have seen very senior level executives get excited about how intuitive the approach is and how it can be used to help their teams achieve results. I have also seen individual team members gain tremendous insights into their relationships with others.

TetraMap is, quite simply, the best approach I’ve seen for working with groups.

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Joyce Palevitz
Certified 09/10/2008

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