Judith Cashmore-James

Judith Cashmore-James


We work with clients to develop a compelling and magical vision of the future for their company. We know that without this, all they can ever achieve is ordinary and in today’s challenging markets, being ordinary is not going to take them where they want to go. What excites us in life and business is working with people who want to really make a positive impact in the world. We really believe in authenticity and the value it brings to leadership, life and business.

TetraMap Facilitation

Tetramap allows us to really explore authenticity in a meaningful way, connecting it to the power of the planet. It is fun and can really transform thinking in a non-threatening and easy to remember way. Our clients really ‘get’ Tetramap and can easily recall the different ‘types’ when they have forgotten all other profiling methods.

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Judith Cashmore-James
Touchstone Associates
Certified 30/04/2009

Client Testimonial

“When we started working with Touchstone it was a step into the unknown, we had very little strategic direction for our company and really existed as an opportunistic company growing in all areas with no set plan. In a very short space of time Judith has taught us the power and benefits of a compelling vision/mission and values, and has completely aligned our executive team and recruiting teams, helping us to define clear responsibilities and career paths for everyone. Judith quickly learnt that sales and profits, whilst important and essential, are not a primary motivation for us in business and we were able to work in a professional yet fun environment that built on our culture. We’re committed to being different and to making a difference which made working with Touchstone so pleasurable as they have the same goals. To summarise the experience of working with – Judith she has set us on a path to greatness.”

Simon McCollum

Touchstone Associates
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