Julie Kidman

Julie Kidman


I’m lucky enough to do job I love, developing and delivering development programmes that make a difference to individuals and the organisations they work for.

My primary expertise is in helping people communicate and operate more effectively so that they can achieve the outcomes they want; sales success, turning customers into raving fans, creating high performing teams or personal productivity.

I’ve been independently contracting in this space since 2008, long enough to know lecture style, power-point presentation training does not deliver results. I utilise ‘Accelerated Learning’ and ‘Generative Learning’ principles to create dynamic, engaging, results orientated sessions. I like to call them non-BO; that is not bottom orientated.

Assignments have included development and delivery of a national Academy of Sales, a multi-module sales training program for a new B2B channel, contract sales management, National Customer Service program, executive coaching, bespoke workshops and conference speaking.

In my sessions participants have fun and stay engaged. This enables me to dramatically reduce learning time while covering more material and improves training results by enabling learners to be actively involved.

“The mind is not a vessel to be filed, but a fire to be ignited.” – Plutarch


TetraMap Facilitation

The power of TetraMap is in its simplicity and accessible use of nature as a metaphor. The assessment tool is fast and easy to use and provides immediate insights into understanding of self and others. These insights can be applied immediately to improve effectiveness of interpersonal communication.

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Julie Kidman
Certified 29/05/2015

PO Box 461