Kataraina Pipi


I have a particular interest in working within communities to affirm, validate, grow and develop culturally based strategies for personal growth, community and organisational development.
My history includes youth work, sexual abuse and violence, outdoor pursuits. Since 1995, I’ve been been self employed as a Facilitator and trainer, evaluator and composer/musician.

My unique offering combines a facilitative, evaluative and melodic approach to supporting aspirations for personal development, organisational change and community development.


TetraMap Facilitation

I came upon TetraMap soon after completing Neuro Linguistic Programming training where I certified as an INLPTA NLP Trainer in 2002. I attended and certified as a TetraMap Facilitator at the inaugural Aotearoa NZ course – held beside the majestic Mt. Tongariro in November 2003.

I completed the training and in true ‘fire’ fashion, used the tool the very next day in a communication skills training programme within a Maori organisaton. Our people already know the value of nature as a metaphor so TetraMap resonated culturally, was easy, fun and powerful.

Supporting Yoshimi and Jon, we delivered a Maori Facilitator certification course soon after. After years of facilitation and applying TetraMap in a variety of contexts, in Feb 2009 I co-facilitated another Maori certification course – held and filmed at Orakei Marae, Auckland. (see Maori TV doco at https://www.tetramap.com/read/videos)

TetraMap’s scope of application is wide: In supervision, clients value the opportunity to reflect on their behaviour; in strategic planning the elemental perspectives look to the future with a clear, well-formed results focus… all the while enabling people to feel safe and secure along the journey. TetraMap provides a different spin on conflict resolution where a shift of focus from conflict within people/organisations to conflict amongst the elements enables accelerated change of attitude and behaviour.

I believe that the ability to apply TetraMap as a model, a framework, a way of thinking and being, and as an approach to life, business and communities is powerful. TetraMap is a tool for learning about responsibility for self and others, for understanding and respecting difference, for creating synergies and striving for sustainable outcomes.