Kelsey Paske

Kelsey Paske

Certified: 20th April 2021


Kelsey Paske Consulting


I’m an equality, diversity and inclusion practitioner from Tasmania, with an expertise in behaviour and cultural change in organisations. My professional, academic and voluntary experience has been centred on serving others and creating safe and inclusive environments, where people are treated with respect and genuinely valued.

My background is in human rights, political economy, gender equality and violence against women prevention, provides me with lateral approaches to addressing social inequalities.

I understand the importance of challenging behaviours and mind-sets to cultivate diverse talent and thinking – both of which are critical to improving business culture, and promoting competitive advantage. I’ve seen organisations make the mistake of viewing diversity, inclusion and wellbeing as a ‘nice to do’ rather than critical to achieving overall business success.

I have a proven track record of working with leaders to define and deliver new ways of working, and successfully implementing cultural transformation programmes at La Trobe University in Australia, and Advance HE, University College London and as Head of Success with Culture Shift in the UK.

My approach is informed by how organisations define success, and examining the system to identify key interventions. I’ve been recognised as an innovative leader and influencer, proven collaborator and someone who does not shy away from challenging or uncomfortable conversations.

My style is personable and authentic: it focuses in on leaning into discomfort, without disengaging stakeholders and partners. This is the necessary starting point to engage in meaningful and real change.

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