Kerry Howard

Kerry Howard


As a psychologist who has more than a decade of Government experience, specialised project management expertise, and an active interest in marketing and communication activities, I can assist you to facilitate business planning, team re-invigoration, or provide you with added expertise to ensure you to deliver a successful project.

As the principal of a bold, original, and successful consultancy firm I rely on the extensive use of creativity, being audacious coupled with tenacity, and delivering exceptional inventiveness and innovation for your business.

Whether you require social service implementation, strategic planning, training delivery and facilitation, or specialised Indigenous-focussed services – there are sure to be areas in which I can assist your organisation to exceed its goals and expectations.


TetraMap Facilitation

TetraMap is a unique and exciting behavioural tool that assists us to understand our own behaviour and the behaviour of our colleagues, clients and stakeholders. It is a simple and memorable system that allows us to link to the elements in a way that creates meaning.

TetraMap is a fabulous tool to utilise in project planning. It can assist your project team to understand the relationships early and avoid issues of decision maker stalling into the future.

TetraMap allows us to understand how we operate as a team and how we respond to the needs of our stakeholders. It is an easily recognisable way of organising our thoughts and helping us better understand those people that we interact with on a daily basis.

Let me show you how TetraMap can enhance the many facets of your business.

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Kerry Howard
Ms Pink Consultancy and Coaching
Certified 06/04/2011

Client Testimonial

Kerry provides a extremely engaging team planning environment. Using TetraMap added a level of liveliness into the day and really assisted the team to get involved. We were able to clarify the interpersonal relations within the team and ensure that the goals for our section over the coming 12 months were clear and achievable with our current skill set. Thanks Kerry – your facilitation of the day really assisted us to make this sometimes dull but necessary process more effective!

Department of Health and Ageing

Ms Pink Consultancy and Coaching

Canberra ACT 2600

0427 244 920