Latham Lockwood

Latham Lockwood

Certified: 23rd February 2018

Latham Lockwood
Palmerston North, New Zealand

What I get excited about is when you can take a team, at whatever level, be it a newly formed team or a team which has been together for a number of years and facilitate a change which takes their work relationships and communication to the next level. I love to accomplish change, I love to see change in people which enhances their lives and also the lives of people around them.

My name is Latham, I’ve worked most my life in workplaces with teams in the business world and especially in high energy roles. I’ve got a passion for business and how do we achieve the goals we set out to achieve. A lot of goals come back to, “how do I encourage my team and get them to communicate and work more effectively with each other”. A healthy work environment where everyone is respected and valued is a healthy business and that’s what I set out to achieve.

I’m passionate about youth development. I have my own business and have a huge respect for not for profits and sit on a number of boards in various positions. I’m an effective leader, chairperson and strategy focused person making sure I add value back to my teams and groups I work with.

TetraMap Facilitation

TetraMap is the answer to above. It’s the best tool out there in the world to enhance team communication. I’ve seen groups over the last 5 years go through the TetraMap facilitation and they’ve all ‘got it’. It’s such an easy tool to help people understand themselves and others and then to apply that to their personal and working relationships.

The changes I’ve seen with youth when they go through it is immense, and no doubt it has changed their perspectives moving through life. It’s an exciting, engaging tool and everyone has so much fun when doing it.

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