Letticia Mincham


Focus Training
Our programmes promote continued learning for employees in the workplace to create good outcomes for both the organisation and the individual.

Workshops are offered in a number of key areas and can be used as a one-session skills builder, a fun and enjoyable team day, or built into an on-going training programme throughout the year. Areas we focus on include:

  • Team building
  • Customer Service and Sales
  • Communication and Leadership
  • Time Management and Productivity
  • Role-Focused (e.g. Admin, Reception, Sales, Trade Shows)

Our mission:
To provide focused affordable solutions that transform individuals, teams, and organisations through the growth of personal and practical skills for business and life.


TetraMap Facilitation

I first attended a TetraMap workshop more than 10 years ago and found that it stuck where many, many other models, while useful, required more processing and work to implement within a team. TetraMap just comes naturally.

The ways TetraMap can be applied across personal development, team building, customer service, and planning make it an invaluable tool for my clients.