Leyla Okhai

Leyla Okhai

Certified: 04th November 2016

DIverse Minds UK Ltd
Old Bankside Stationfields
+44 (0)7716084040

Diverse Minds is a holistic consultancy with a solutions-focus. We bring a wealth of experience from higher education, private and public sectors. We offer training, talent development, consultancy, short-term research based projects and coaching for clients. You will receive a service tailored to your needs.

Diverse Minds is founded by Leyla Okhai, a coach, mediator, and diversity, inclusion and well being practitioner with over fifteen years’ experience in supporting organisations and individuals. An adept project manager who prides herself on delivering results that organisations can take forward in an effective way.

Our vision is to enable organisations to invest in their staff to create an open, healthy workplace to enhance a positive and productive working culture. We enable individuals, organisations and businesses to work more effectively by understanding differences and leveraging unique cultural strengths.

As a result of working with Diverse Minds, organisations will see increased team working, staff integration, morale, and intercultural communication. As well as, pro-active measures being put into place in relation to staff and customer well-being and mental health. Diverse Minds uses an evidence-based approach to ensure the training provided is up-to-date and includes the latest and relevant research.

TetraMap Facilitation

Trained in TetraMap in 2016, I have found it invaluable to aid understanding in teams. TetraMap has enabled me personally, as well as my clients to build better and stronger relationships to enhance their workplaces. Using nature as a metaphor, and for delegates and coaches to step away from the day-to-day, enhances their own knowledge of themselves, as well as how to work more productively with others. I have found TetraMap to be transformational in relation to team and family dynamics and conflict.

I use also TetraMap in culturally diverse talent programmes alongside the Iceberg model of culture for delegates to gain a deeper insight of how they can break down barriers and reach for the top.

As someone with a high fire and high earth preference, I like to try out new things and make them successful!

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