Linda Blake


As a professional trainer specialising in personal and organisational growth and development, a major area of my work is in “people management” – train-the-trainer, team building, leadership development, performance management, assessors training, and customer service. My philosophy is to aid people to grow and develop through awareness and learning.

Participants are encouraged to take an active part in my training workshops. Together we build on their existing knowledge and abilities, unlocking their potential and developing skills that are applicable in their everyday working and personal life. Use of accelerated learning and brain-based learning techniques in a high-energy and positive environment ensures learning is fast, fun, effective, and memorable.


TetraMap Facilitation

I love TetraMap and its wide-ranging application to communication and relationships. The discovery of one’s elemental style unlocks new ways of understanding and working with others. I facilitate TetraMap with groups – large and small, corporates, work colleagues, private groups, and individuals – and can report 100% satisfaction with the use of this tool.