Lorenzo Giliomee

Lorenzo Giliomee

Certified: 12th March 2015

Telefonica UK (O2)
260 Bath Road

My purpose is simple…

I love working with people and want to help each of them realise that they can be more than what they are today.

Like a ripple through calm water, I want to have a positive impact on those around me through my judgement, drive, and impact.

TetraMap Facilitation

TetraMap is a great way to gain insight in differences amongst people – it simplifies the complexities between personal preferences without making it simplistic.

Within my own team, the awareness of each other’s TetraMap preferences has had a massively positive impact on how we interact and communicate with one another, making us a stronger and more impactful unit. We have been able to exploit our differences to the mutual benefit of the team.

Hey… what can I say… I’m a great guy! 🙂

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