Louise Duncan

Louise Duncan

Certified:12th February 2004

TetraMap International
+64 210 244 5889


Louise Duncan is the Managing Director of TetraMap International, a globally proven learning model designed to grow everyone’s potential, underpinned by a key message – strength lies in valuing differences.

Louise is convinced that when more people clearly understand their own potential through adopting and practicing a growth mindset, more people, families, and organisations will thrive. She believes our ability to take personal responsibility for learning is limitless, which in turn gives us a unique sense of freedom. This is why she works with people, teams and organisations who are eager to learn, apply, reflect and to continue being curious. 

In recent years, she has been leading the business’ digital learning transformation. This proactive innovation was critical during the recent pandemic and continues provide an essential service today. She regularly hosts global masterclasses for members of the 2000 strong facilitator community, helping them transition from face-to-face delivery to interactive online learning events.

TetraMap Facilitation

Louise became a Master Facilitator in 2004, and since then has delivered many certification programmes in New Zealand, Australia, and the UK. She developed an innovative Global Master TetraMap Facilitator Programme designed to achieve business sustainability, and develop leaders for the future.

“We are continuing the work we start in the Master TetraMap Facilitator programme by adding further depth and value to our clients through the TetraMap Global Leadership Group. It is both amazing and exciting. We aim to model inter-dependence through our work and our behaviours.”

Louise prides herself on follow-through, and regularly provides support and ongoing development for the facilitator network. She leads TetraMap’s work to support organisations involved in developing future leaders including Rotary Youth, Scouts, First Foundation, and YWCA.

“It is such a privilege to share TetraMap with other facilitators. Initially most see it as a model of behaviour where, indeed, TetraMap was founded. The Certification Courses provide a wonderful opportunity to demonstrate how facilitators can take TetraMap from behaviour into a tool for team development and planning, and deeper again into a conceptual thinking and problem solving framework.

“The group dynamics at Certification Courses are often quite extraordinary. The most beautiful thing for me to see is the diversity of people and organisations who want to learn more about TetraMap, and the diversity of applications it provides.

Participant comments

Louise’s leadership and support in the process of my becoming a TetraMap Master Facilitator was superb; insightful feedback, heaps of encouragement, helpful hints, oodles of ideas – and so much more. Her deep understanding of the dynamics of training and her focus on the learning outcomes for participants made every co-facilitation experience with her a leap in learning for me. Not only was the Master Facilitator’s programme a career highlight for me, but the professional support from one of world’s leading TetraMappers made for an outstanding personal experience.

Robyn Walshe, Director, Communications expert, Master TetraMap Facilitator, Perth, Australia

Louise’s work with young leaders, such as those who attend the Rotary Youth Leadership Programme is impressive. Her deep knowledge of the TetraMap and the nature of behaviour is one thing. The ability to transfer that knowledge to the participants on the Programme is another. It was a joy to behold.

Wendy Betteridge, Rotary Youth Leadership Award Convenor, NZ

“Thanks Louise for your many inspiring years of growing me as a TetraMap facilitator and as a person. At every turn you have provided new insights and challenges for me to take up, yet never let me flounder alone. You have known when to lead from the front and guide me, when to walk alongside me and let me catch my breath and always, always encouraged me to step up and out to my edge. I have been especially grateful for the way in which you shine the light on those sticky and complex issues that got in the way of great work and guided me to find simple and elegant solutions. Plus, you’re fun to be around.”

Esther Bukholt, Facilitator, Wellington, NZ

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