Low Eng Siang


Like wine being appreciated, every one of us, being appreciated by others, nurtured as we take our life journey. Knowing our preferences and about others, making a difference. Making a difference – MAD, for team to achieve excellent result. With 30 years of technical experience in leadership positions, facilitating numerous workshops for teams to find a common purpose, to achieve their mission with commitment and pride. With solution approach in coaching, the touching of the heart, with steadfast determination to push ahead to attain the results. Gain the wisdom without even knowing that the journey was taken.

TetraMap Facilitation

The AHA moments when team visualize their common dreams, with high level of excitement. When my team of 12 managers begin to discover themselves, the colour lens were removed and they see clearly, with peace at heart. The managers have their own areas of accountability, yet chosen to be helpful to others to achieve synergy. Their decision to work together without any expectations of returns, relieves them of all the burdens.That’s the day I know I have no more worries about team performance and operational results. 

On my personal side, most importantly, knowing myself, being aware of my preferences, helps me to look at my son as a person. This is the most important first step to recognising his preferences, his likes and dislikes, to take on the journey in his life, with full accountability for himself. 

By doing less, I gain more with the empowerment bestowed upon him. It’s such a blessing!