Low Eng Siang

Low Eng Siang


Like wine being appreciated, every one of us, being appreciated by others, nurtured as we take our life journey. Knowing our preferences and about others, making a difference. Making a difference – MAD, for team to achieve excellent result. With 30 years of technical experience in leadership positions, facilitating numerous workshops for teams to find a common purpose, to achieve their mission with commitment and pride. With solution approach in coaching, the touching of the heart, with steadfast determination to push ahead to attain the results. Gain the wisdom without even knowing that the journey was taken.

TetraMap Facilitation

The AHA moments when team visualize their common dreams, with high level of excitement. When my team of 12 managers begin to discover themselves, the colour lens were removed and they see clearly, with peace at heart. The managers have their own areas of accountability, yet chosen to be helpful to others to achieve synergy. Their decision to work together without any expectations of returns, relieves them of all the burdens.That’s the day I know I have no more worries about team performance and operational results. 

On my personal side, most importantly, knowing myself, being aware of my preferences, helps me to look at my son as a person. This is the most important first step to recognising his preferences, his likes and dislikes, to take on the journey in his life, with full accountability for himself. 

By doing less, I gain more with the empowerment bestowed upon him. It’s such a blessing!

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Low Eng Siang
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Certified 07/07/2017

Client Testimonial

Programme was an extremely useful tool for me to bring my team together and form common goals and objectives……helped me to achieve team building, sharing of my philosophy and Action Plan to forge towards vision …Minghao, Helicopter pilot, Squadron Commander …encouraging the team member to share and speak out, has indeed let us hold nothing back but to share our thoughts…..focus on the importance of the Team to communicate and understand each other well. It allow the Squadron to identify our weak areas and to work on it collectively… Foo SW “Mellow” Chief Flight engineer It made the team understand each other better, understand the differences; how to overcome the differences to meet the intend of the task…how even if we fail, it is not a personal failure but a team failure…..Terence, Logistics Flight Commander ….team has gained insights from the team building process and emerge as a more supportive and stronger team. Through your coaching, the command team has found the common ground and understanding for the team to grow and build to be a high performance team…..Pau Siang Engineer, Logistics Squadron Commander ….gave me the opportunity to communicate with my guys on a more casual level and actually understanding their concerns and pains they face on a day to day basis. This allowed me to focus my efforts, and reduced my uncertainty…..I realised that my efforts were actually making a difference to the guys. I am also happy that I have succeeded in what I set out to do …Joe, pilot, Flight Commander ……we were able to come up with some general rules of engagement, geared towards achieving mission success and work life harmony. Some of these rules and procedures we came up with have been very effective and it has made us a strong and united team…..Rajpal Singh, pilot, Flight Commander ….my team and I were able to get to know one another’s strengths and styles better, and from there, I was able to better tailor my approach when guiding and coaching each individual……Jeffrey, pilot, flight commander ….one of the most effective course that I have attended in terms of profiling and teams building. Being a strong believer in this program, I have been practising it with my new staff n current staff and able to successful work together as a team towards organisation needs. Their sharings are genuine and can easily connect with the participants is a testimonial of their success in delivering the concepts well to us….Mok Teng Chai, Engineer, Flight Chief Engineer ….to build a common vision for the Squadron and deliver mission success for the organization. This was especially important to me as I was new to the community……allowed me to assimilate quickly into the community and lead the Squadron effectively………Senior Officer RSAF, Commanding Officer

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