Lyn Easton

Lyn Easton


Certified: 17th November 2004

Bridge End Cottage
Glusburn Bridge
BD20 8DP
01535 431507

My expertise in the area of human resource management utilises TetraMap as a foundation in mentoring and facilitating seminars in employment legislative practices. It therefore opens different dimensions of learning in areas like disciplinary and grievance handling, consultation practices, mediation within the workplace, and policy and procedure writing.

TetraMap is used as a facilitation tool in all areas of HR training such as first time management, leadership, employee engagement, communication practice and employee relations.

Lyn’s common sense and down-to-earth approach send a clear signal throughout any organisation: all employee issues will be dealt with fairly and consistently. Employers avoid hugely expensive mistakes. Employees are confident of a fair hearing. Employment legislation is made easily understandable. From setting up tailored policies and procedures through to providing on-going training to tackle all things personnel, LYNC HR live up to their claim: they truly do not forget the human aspect of HR – and the professionalism comes shining through.

                         Jennifer Jackson, MD, South Yorkshire

TetraMap Facilitation

The principles link to my own personal values that I strive to place at the heart of my work with clients, sourcing the cause and not just dealing with the symptoms.

Words to describe facilitating learning using TetraMap are:

  • Passionate
  • Humanistic
  • Taking responsibility
  • Diversity
  • Positive and realistic
  • Learning from experiences to become better
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