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Madelize Bekker

Madelize BekkerCertified: 28th March 2007

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Since I became a Certified TetraMap Facilitator in 2007 and a Master TetraMap Facilitator in 2014, I have been using TetraMap as a model, tool, framework and approach to help individuals and businesses discover impactful, creative strategies for developing themselves, their teams and their organisations.

Using the four elements of nature: earth, air, water, and fire – is a simple yet powerful way to understand oneself and others, leading to improved collaboration and productivity. By identifying and appreciating diverse perspectives and strengths, TetraMap facilitates better interpersonal relationships and more effective teams. Think of it as a guide to harnessing the natural diversity in your workplace to drive positive results.

TetraMap Facilitation

  1. Values and Virtues Driven Leadership – Elevate Leadership, Inspire Action – Lead with Purpose and Integrity – Cultivate leaders who are guided by their core values and virtues based on a growth mindset of seeing everyone as a leader, whether they have the title or not.
  2. Strategic Planning for Regenerative Business Models – Cultivating a Thriving Future by Renewing Resources and Relationships  – Design business models that not only thrive economically but also contribute positively to the environment and society. Leveraging the concept of regeneration from nature, this approach encourages businesses to think beyond sustainability towards systems that rejuvenate and restore.
  3. Emotional Intelligence and Team Cohesion – Navigating the Waters of Team Dynamics with Heart and Harmony – Enhance team performance and collaboration by helping teams understand and leverage their diverse strengths, leading to improved synergy and productivity.
  4. Turning irritations into insights – Discovering the Depths of Self through the ‘Why Are You Like That’ Lens – Understand and reflect on individual behaviours and motivations, promoting self-awareness and personal growth by examining the foundational elements that shape our actions and reactions.

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Regenerative Business Strategy through Virtues-Based Leadership.

The significant problems in our life cannot be solved with the same levels of thinking with which we created them
Albert Einstein

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