Madelize Bekker

Madelize Bekker

Certified: 28th March 2007

Edumaxi Educational Design

Since I certified as facilitator in 2007, I found TetraMap an elegant way to get people working more collaboratively and productively because it helps them to discover creative strategies for developing themselves, their teams and their organisations.

I have also found the TetraMap of Learning to be an excellent approach to designing engaging learning experiences which are interactive and fun.

TetraMap Facilitation

TetraMap allows individuals and teams to operate on a different level because it encourages them to view the world from multiple perspectives. The approach ‘stretches’ participants to think outside of their normal behaviour/comfort zone and encourages them to embrace ‘new’ approaches to collaboration and communication which enhances productivity and job satisfaction.

The significant problems in our life cannot be solved with the same levels of thinking with which we created them
Albert Einstein

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