Mark Brown

Mark Brown

Emarby Consulting Ltd
34 Fortinbras Way
+ 44 1245 509185

My work helps managers and particularly sales people improve their results, get the most from their people, build lasting relationships and provide a framework in which to deliver sales and service. I have found that most people who work within the sales arena are disadvantaged through their regular learning, as it seems to be very ‘process focused’ with little ‘people focus’. My learning interactions help fill the void and get the most out of each customer/employee relationship.

TetraMap Facilitation

There are many behavioural models in circulation. I have found that TetarMap is the most intuitive, fun and easiest model to pick up and use, both from a facilitator and learner perspective.

An understanding of TetraMap’s principles is also a great help when considering how individuals learn, thus aiding diversity methodologies.

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