Marta García Peláez

Marta García Peláez

Certified: 03rd February 2017

Talent Consultant. Executive & Team Coach
+34 690736008


As managers move higher in an organization, it can be more difficult for them to get accurate and unbiased input about their performance and leadership skills. 

Many managers recognize that to focus their personal development plans, they need the uninterrupted time and attention of a skilled, objective professional—a coach or talent consultant. 

Coaching skills are one important set of tools that can be used to leverage people’s everyday experiences at work, to drive development, and to build leadership capacity in individuals, teams, and organizations.

TetraMap Facilitation

TetraMap provides an important framework, both for leadership and skills development for individuals or teams. 

It provides a shared language and understanding to work as a team, as a leader and explores the issues they face with their business or their teams.

Facing key limitations opens new ways to focus action more effectively.

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