Martin Coburn

Martin Coburn

Certified: 28th July 2006

Natural Direction
157 Percy Road
Middlesex TW2 6JE
+44 7973 186 732

Martin has been speaking and consulting on behavioural change, motivation, and developing leadership capability for the last 17 years. An expert in behavioural change approaches, Martin draws on his knowledge of emotional intelligence and whole brain learning principles to design and deliver high-impact culture change and communication programmes. His understanding of the practical application of performance coaching has earned him a reputation for helping leaders to accelerate performance improvement, unlocking their true potential and that of their teams.

Martin has worked with a wide and varied range of clients in many industries and is as comfortable in the boardroom as he is on stage addressing large audiences. Martin is by nature an innovator, always ready to challenge convention and ensure his clients thinking will keep them ahead of their competitors. “There is always a balance in respecting the past and making good use of its lessons whilst having the openness to embrace the new.”

An accomplished keynote speaker, he has presented to audiences of up to 1,500 people. His style is interactive and amusing, but at the same time provocative.

TetraMap Facilitation

Martin was a former founding member of the Si Group created in 1994, recently merged with Rogen in 2006 creating a 20m global consultancy. It was in his last role as head of intellectual property that he discovered TetraMap whilst attending a workshop in the USA being facilitated by the founders. He introduced the tool into the consultancy in 2006 and has subsequently gained real practical experience in using TetraMap to support many varied learning applications.

“Its simplicity, ease of use, and lasting impact make it so much more than a behavioural modelling tool.”

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