Mary Fraser

Mary Fraser

Certified: 17th June 2016

KnowBetter L & D
The Old Schoolhouse
Wellpark Road
Banknock FK4 1TP
01324 841416

Able to add impact through the use of a flexible, solutions-focused style with practical skills that are easily transferred between different contexts. Excellent interpersonal skills underpin ability to operate effectively at all levels and across a range of disciplines. Experienced designer of flipped classrooms as well as traditional workshop interventions. As coach and management developer, specialising in work based learning, “train the trainer”, supervisory and middle management interventions, committed to transfer of value at source.

TetraMap Facilitation

TetraMap offers a systematic way of enabling me to design innovative and impactful development that is approachable and fun. Based on preferences, it enables an individual to acquire new skills in a way that makes sense to them and enables them to be more effective when working with others.

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