Melvin Chew


For over 12 years, Melvin Chew has been impacting lives in the training field for both Youth and Adults. To date, he has been involved in realizing the potential for over 120,000 youth and adult learners. His passion lies in allowing people to realize their own potential and that everything can be achieved as long as they choose for it to be. Through his relatable and humorous style of training, Melvin Chew always strives for the best in his training and allows his learners to gain breakthroughs in their lives.

TetraMap Facilitation

It’s always intriguing to find out how different and yet similar everyone can be and how four different elements can allow so much discovery and learning to take place. When I facilitate a session of Tetramap, it’s always about how my learners benefit and gain insights through their interactions with one another. Of course, it never hurts to learn through humor and some form of activity or games.