Michael Chirichello

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We specialize in cross cultural training using TetraMap as the process to improve workplace behaviors and performance. You will be able to understand individual preferences and the multiple perspectives of your colleagues that will open new understandings about high performing teams. Uncover how you can work together more effectively within your organization.

Michael Chirichello, Ed.D. is an international consultant. He has authored professional articles. He is the co-author of Learning to Lead: Ten Stories for Principals and co-editor and contributor of Exemplary Leadership Development, a handbook for NJ educational leadership interns. His newest co-authored publication, Principals as Maverick Leaders: Rethinking Democratic Schools, will be published in 2011. For 43 years, Michael has collaborated with teachers, principals, superintendents, school boards, graduate students, and business organizations to develop deeper understandings about leadership and curriculum design. He was a teacher, principal, superintendent, and is currently a visiting professor at Northern Kentucky University.

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