Nadine Wormsbacher

Nadine Wormsbacher

Certified: 27th July 2005

Energize Your Potential
1341 County Rd 4
Hollytree, AL 35751
www.EnergizeYourPotential.comWe offer programs for groups and individuals who want to exponentially increase their skills in leadership, communication, team building and personal interaction. Our programs are based on experiential learning that “sticks,” and we use outdoor and internal elements to reinforce the the behavior and learning. We use three main components in our programs:

Foundational Assessment – TetraMap personality assessment tool
Internal Client Resources – the human energy system/meditation
Equine Assisted Learning – groundwork exercises with horses

First we use TetraMap so people understand their preferences and others. Second, we teach people how to manage their mindset and emotions by becoming aware of their energy and breathing. Finally, we bring it all together by doing exercises with our equine friends that provide immediate feedback on what we are doing, and how we can change to be more effective.

I will happily travel to Nashville, TN and Atlanta, GA to teach classes.

TetraMap Facilitation

I love TetraMap because I have spent most of my life in an environment that developed the earth part of my nature. Now I am in an environment that requires more water and connectivity. As a business owner, I must be able to flex between all the elements in order to run it efficiently! I love teaching people about TetraMap and seeing the “ah-ha” moments when they realize why they may be feeling in conflict with someone, and how they can approach the situation differently to make it work.

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