Natasha Tobin


My professional background is in Marketing Communications and Change. TetraMap is an excellent tool for helping you to:

  • Understand how people think, communicate and behave.
  • Adapting your approach to different audiences based on clues from their language, behaviours and their observed handling of day-to-day situations. Rather like NLP, this aspect of TetraMap is very useful for teams and helping to make a positive impression with others.
  • Helping you to reach out to your customers and stakeholders successfully through a range of interpersonal or mediated channels.

I’ve 20 years experience in my field. I’ve worked in Whitehall, the media (including TV), aviation, the holiday industry and energy.

My clients are bright, discerning, dedicated, and also cynical about traditional team building or change events. They’ve been through the loop a few times now, and they want to learn new skills that will immediately make a practical difference.

TetraMap hits the mark because it’s intuitive and easy to implement. It’s fairly new to the UK and clients appreciate that they can apply the TetraMap tool straightaway to a variety of business tasks and personal situations. Added to this, Tetramap can be great fun, it certainly livens up team meetings, away days and conferences.

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